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Grilled Salmon Recipe

Grilled Salmon Recipe ...One of Many
Great Grilled Fish Recipes

Alaskan black bear -- the ultimate salmon connoisseur. His favorite salmon recipe is raw ...

... with head, fins, and tail.

If you don't usually eat your fish this way, I've got another suggestion.

Baked fish, broiled fish, fried fish. Everyone always uses one of these methods for cooking fish--even restaurants.

You hardly find anyone who uses barbecue or grilled fish recipes.

Why is that?

  • People think that it is difficult or even impossible to barbecue fish without having it end up dried out like last week's bread.
  • They think that it's too much work
  • Or it's too messy

The real reason is because nobody ever told them how to grill fish properly or gave them a delicious, easy to prepare grilled fish recipe.

Delicious and Savory Grilled Salmon Recipes

There are good reasons why salmon is preferred for almost all grilled fish recipes ... it holds together extremely well, can be sliced thick like a steak, and isn't prone to drying out. These delicious grilled salmon recipes can also be used with any other cooking method.

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Rosemary & Ginger Barbecue Salmon Recipe - This is a no-mess, easy to prepare meal. Also includes instructions on how to grill the salmon that can be used with any other grilled fish recipe. Most people use lemon-based marinades to prepare fish, but this recipe is uniquely different ...

Grilled King Salmon Recipe with Orange Cream Sauce - Grilled salmon recipe with a white wine and orange cream sauce looks and tastes like it came straight from a 4 star restaurant. A light fennel and orange salad completes this delicious meal.

Lemon and Dill Grilled Salmon Recipe - A lemon and dill sauce marinade gives this grilled salmon recipe a light fresh flavor. Salmon should be marinated 1-2 hours before grilling.

Barbecue Salmon Recipe with Mango Sauce - This barbecue salmon recipe has a taste of the Orient. Corriander (cilantro) and mango with a touch of red chile pepper brings a subtle hot-sweet flavor to this dish.

Smoked Salmon Treasure Chest - You have your smoker and know everything about smoked fish – except those secret smoked salmon recipes. We have the map … to the Smoked Salmon Treasure Chest!

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