Barbecue Marinades Enhance Flavor and Tenderness

What the heck are marinades?

  • Seasoned liquids in which meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, or vegetables are soaked to flavor and sometimes tenderize them.
  • Most contain an acid, such as wine, vinegar, or lime juice.

Looking for a way to tenderize that steak?...or maybe you're trying to give your favorite barbecue recipe a subtle taste...or a little zing.

Marinate it!

Coat your meat in a liquid seasoning, seal it in a plastic bag and refrigerate to tenderize and flavor meats before cooking. There are more recipes for marinating barbecued meats than for any other type of cooking.

With all the varieties of barbecue recipes, it's no wonder. Barbecue chicken recipes, barbecue rib recipes, even barbecue salmon recipes can benefit from these delicious, flavor-enhancing recipes.

Try these great recipes ...

Stubb's Mesquite or Hickory Liquid Smoke Marinades

Remember the longer you marinate the stronger the flavor! Compliment the meat, don't overpower it.