Burns So Good!
Chile Peppers an Aphrodisiac?

Chile peppers cause more ecstasy than pain.

Endorphins—natural pleasure enzymes—are released when taste buds are stimulated.

  • Capsaicin (what makes hot peppers hot) is said to be unequalled in warding off diseases.
  • It is called a "supreme and harmless internal disinfectant."

More Wonders of Chile Peppers

  • Antibacterial properties of chili peppers help to relieve infectious diarrhea.

  • Capsicum also affects circulation and increases heart action, but not blood pressure.
  • It is said to prevent strokes and heart attacks.
"Spice up" your life & learn other valuable
health benefits of chile peppers!

Were you really looking for more info on natural aphrodisiacs? You might work up a good appetite for a snack...maybe even an entire 3-course mexican food meal!

Grow Your Own
Chipotle, Habanero, Jalapeno

You're cooking up your favorite mexican food recipe and want to add some flavor. What to do?

Sure, you can buy pre-packaged spices , but what if you want the freshest, most delicious chile pepper for your heavenly meal?

Peter Piper had the right idea ... Pick a peck of peppers.

Okay, maybe he wasn't entirely correct, pickled peppers are good too, but there's nothing on this earth that can match fresh-picked peppers from your own garden.

More Chile Pepper Facts

  • Christopher Columbus discovered chiles in 1492 on the West Indian island of Hispanola, (Dominican Republic). Prior to his famous voyage, chile peppers were unknown to the old world (Europe).
  • The first method for determining the heat level of a chili pepper was developed in 1912 by Wilbur Scoville. His Scoville Organoleptic Test was highly subjective and was replaced by scientific testing in 1980. The relative heat of chile peppers are officially measured in Scoville units in his honor.
  • The #1 Factor that contributes to a chile's heat level is its maturity. While capsaicin is present at the beginning of the fruit's development, the amount of capsaicin increases as the chile matures.  That's why a red jalapeno can be hotter than a green jalapeno.
  • Eating chile peppers can become addictive:

    When capsaicin - the enzyme that makes chili peppers hot - comes in contact with the nerves in your mouth, pain signals are sent to the brain.

    To relieve the pain, your brain releases endorphins, natural painkillers, that create a feeling of well being and pleasure. The more spicy food you eat, the more endorphins are released. The effect is a pleasurable feeling that true chileheads crave.

No 12 step detox method for me!  I love my chile pepper addiction!

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