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Mexican food recipes...barbecue sauce recipes...People take these with them to the grave. Who wouldn't like to sneak a peek at their favorite family-run restaurant's secret cook book? Or learn what secret spices marinated that juicy brisket on the grill?

  • Enchiladas, tacos, tortillas...pork ribs, barbecued chicken, smoked salmon
  • Fiery red sauces that need warning labels
  • Flavorful sauces mild enough for Granny
... you will find everything you need to prepare all of these and much more.

But what use is a great mexican food recipe without the right combination of fresh spices and other seasonings? What if you don't live in the Southwestern U.S ...

I'll show you where you can buy authentic Mexican spices and teach you how to cook authentic mexican enchiladas and southern barbecue. Learn how to smoke fish with my Smoked Fish 101 tutorial.

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I have put all of this together so that you can enjoy these fine southwestern cuisines as much as those of us who grew up eating this great food.

Come take a look at all of the great mexican food recipes, barbecue recipes, hot sauce recipes as well as grilled salmon & other fish recipes. Learn about chile pepper gardening and growing your own spices.

Concerned about fat? Do you love mexican food but want to eat heart healthy meals?

You came to the right place! Here's a small sample of heart healthy low-fat recipes and info I have prepared for you.

  • Low fat mexican food recipes
  • Mediterranean diet recipes
  • Low-fat dessert recipes
  • Fat facts ... these might surprise you!

Mexican food recipes come in many flavors

Mexican food recipes are as unique as the regions that created them ... central Mexico, New Mexico, and Texas. Although these cuisines are distinctly different from each other, they have the following in common: their intense flavors, variety of spices, and most important - extremely loyal and vocal fans.

New Mexican recipes are based on the New Mexican red chile pepper. This chili pepper is a variety of the Anaheim serrano pepper and the best New Mexican chiles are grown around Hatch, NM. New Mexican food recipes are based mostly on Navajo and Pueblo Indian traditions.

Tex-Mex recipes are highly spiced and usually contain beans, cheese, and sauces. Some well-known Tex Mex recipes include nachos, chili con carne, chile con queso, chalupas, (tostadas), and fajitas. Corn tortilla chips and salsa is the standard Tex-Mex appetizer.

While you're here, check out where you can order mexican food and seasonings online and make all of your neighbors jealous with your unique, top of the line barbecue grill...

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