What You Should Know ...
About Your Cook Book

The secret to mouth-watering recipes is having the right cook book.

Not just any book, but one with all your favorites –

Mexican food recipes, dessert recipes, hot sauce recipes, barbecue rib recipes ...

What’s really fun about cooking is experimenting with new recipes.


Whether it’s something that you’ve never made before or a new twist to your favorite meal, cookbooks are just what you need for a little inspiration. Even 5 star chefs use them – everyone needs a good cook book.

What can a little inspiration produce? Imagine this ...

A woman at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo wanted to find a new way to serve chicken to her customers. By the time she was finished, she created one of the most popular snacks the world has ever known ...

Hot Wings!

That’s right, those spicy chicken wings you find everywhere were created by someone with a little inspiration and the will to experiment. Today there are hundreds of variations of hot wing recipes. Will you create the next new food craze?

Perhaps. But even if you don’t, your family and friends will certainly enjoy your rejuvenated meals.

Our Complete Guide to Cook Books - You will find our independent reviews of cookbook and recipe sites on this page. Paper or electronic cookbook? We discuss the pros and cons of each as well as online recipe libraries. Download our free cookbooks to get your library started.

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