Hot Sauce Recipe Revolution

The stove isn’t the only thing heating up the kitchen these days. Chefs are adding hot sauce recipes to their personal cook books around the world. Mexican food, barbecue, steaks, chicken - as well as the traditional spicy foods like Indian and Chinese food.

Fiery red hot sauce recipes that need warning labels … tangy chipotles (smoked jalapenos) ... flavorful salsa recipes mild enough for Granny – you see these everywhere.

Hot sauce ... it’s not just for mexican food anymore. More than just a condiment – it’s a food – more popular than ketchup or barbecue sauce. The popularity of hot sauces and salsas has fueled the chile peppers revolution.

Sale of Chile Peppers & Hot Sauce Explodes

Is it just a passing fad? No way.

  • The American Spice Trade Association reports sales of chile peppers increased 73% in the past 10 years.
  • According to Information Resources, sales of Cajun-style hot sauces grew 7% in 2002 alone.

The explosion in the number of restaurants serving hot wings is an excellent example. Almost every major food chain now carries hot wings on their menu. Mexican food restaurants, pizza restaurants, and hamburger restaurants serve this tribute to hot sauce mania.

There are hundreds of businesses, large and small, creating new designer hot sauce recipes every day. You can find these in your local grocery store and specialty shops or get them online. Imagine having your own private label hot sauce - they're everywhere too.

This phenomenon is happening everywhere ...

Even in the Land of Bratwurst & Sauerkraut

Germans are well-known for their low tolerance to spicy foods. If you go into a restaurant in Germany - even an ethnic restaurant that serves spicy dishes - and say you want your meal hot and spicy ... you're going to get something that's just a tiny bit more than mild.

But ... go into any German grocery store today and you will find shelves stocked with bottled hot sauce, salsa, and all kinds of chile peppers. This is truly amazing!

As Bob Dylan said, "The times they are a- changin' "

To People Who Want To Make Hot Sauce -- But Can't Get Started

How often do you find yourself saying: "I wish I knew how to make hot sauce?"

You want to make your own home-made sauce, but don’t know how. No problem … here are some recipes for mild and extra hot sauces and a variety of salsa recipes.

Fiery Hot Sauce Recipes
Mild Hot Sauce Recipes
Salsa Recipes

In a hurry ... don’t want to do it yourself? We’ve got you covered here too.

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