Barbecue Recipes

Is It Barbecue or Grilling?

Everyone has his or her favorite barbecue recipes and methods.

If you don’t believe me, just ask your neighbor…or your buddy…or even your brother-in-law.

Slow-cooked for hours in a smoker or fast on a hot grill, it’s the favorite summertime backyard ritual.

The Never-ending Story

It’s more than just a regional difference in terms. Barbecue and grilling recipes are two different animals…or as my Bavarian wife would say, Zwei verschiedene Paare Schuhe (two different pairs of shoes).

There are recipes that work best with either barbecuing or grilling. Type of meat, cut of meat, to marinate or not to marinate—that is the question (apologies to Shakespeare)—as well as time available are all part of the decision.

Texas Barbecue Recipes

Texas barbecue (BBQ) recipes are mostly for beef, chicken, or pork—slow-cooked in a smoker. For Texans—and other barbecue connoisseurs—barbecue means the meat has a flavor that distinguishes it from something that was cooked in the oven.

That flavor…sweet, delicious, tantalizing…comes from smoke. And smoke comes from wood, a well-aged hardwood.

Mesquite, hickory, or oak—not charcoal, not gas.

Smothering an oven-cooked piece of meat with a generic barbecue sauce and calling it barbecue is no different than buying a 99 cent bottle of sparking wine at 7-11 and calling it champagne.

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