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Restaurant Review Shows You What’s Cooking

You try a new restaurant … the food is terrible – another ruined evening. A good restaurant review could have prevented this disaster. None of us has the time to do reconnaissance on every new restaurant we’re thinking of trying.

Maybe you’re just visiting or on vacation. Who do you ask for a recommendation? The concierge … the clerk at 7-11 … a stranger off the street? We are building a restaurant review list to help with this dilemma. Browse through the reviews for a little preventive medicine.

… It’s certainly better than the medicine you’ll need after eating some substandard cooking!

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If we don't have the restaurant you're looking for, let us know and we'll add it to our list. We are continually updating our reviews. Perhaps you have a favorite restaurant you would like to review ... or one to avoid. We'll add that too and credit you for the great review.

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