Stubbs Rosemary Ginger Rub
Barbecue Salmon Recipe

This is not your usual barbecue salmon recipe. Most grilled fish recipes call for marinating or basting with lemon juice or other liquids. The rosemary and ginger rub gives the salmon a distinct flavor.

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Fresh salmon cut into 3-inch wide strips
  (one slice per serving)
Stubbs Rosemary and Ginger Rub
Olive oil
Aluminum foil (heavy-duty)

Tear a 12-inch wide heavy-duty aluminum foil in a sheet about 16 inches long. Fold all sides over about 1 inch, then bend up - making an edge all around to make a pan. Pour three tablespoons of olive oil into the foil pan.

Wash the filleted salmon in cold water and dry on two folded paper towels until both sides are completely dry.

Place salmon pieces - skin down - in foil pan with olive oil. Thoroughly coat all salmon flesh - top and sides - with olive oil. Sprinkle Stubbs Rosemary-Ginger Spice Rub liberally (to taste) on top of each piece.

Slide foil pan off of serving tray onto grill. After oil begins to sizzle around the edges of the salmon, use tongs (not a fork) and turn the salmon skin side up.

With a thin spatula or the back of a knife, carefully work under the skin and slide the length of each piece, removing all skin. Discard skin. Sprinkle Stubbs Rosemary Ginger Rub liberally (to taste) on newly exposed skinless side.

Grill - turning once or twice until each serving flakes easily. Remove the salmon from the foil, place on a serving plate.

This barbecue salmon recipe includes simple cleanup directions - fold each side of the grilling foil into a small square and place in the trash...

No Fuss ... No Mess ... No grill to clean!

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