Hot Sauce, Salsa, & Chile Peppers
Best Online Sources

Good news: You can find lots of excellent hot sauce on the Internet.

Bad news: You can find lots of mediocre hot sauce on the Internet.

How do you separate the good, the bad, & the ugly? I don’t mean by taste – that’s pretty easy. Brand X sauce either tastes great or you wouldn’t even serve it to your brother-in-law.

Sampling hundreds of products is very time-consuming ... plus you have to endure all of those lousy ones in the process. You can save your valuable time – we’ve scoured the Web and compiled a list of the very best.

Thousands of people have given these products their highest rating – they come back for more and recommend them to their friends.

You won’t find a never-ending list of links here, only the highest quality products. If it doesn’t meet our standards, it doesn’t belong on this page. Period.

Hot Sauce —— bottled

Extreme Foods (Blair's Hot Sauce)    Home of Blair’s sauces. These guys make some of the hottest stuff known to man. Their “Death Sauce” series is their most famous and best-selling. If you really like it hot (for hardcore chileheads), try some of their special collections.

Tabasco ® - The world-famous hot sauce. You will find the original Tabasco ® as well as green chile Tabasco ®, chipotle Tabasco ® and more new sauces. Also has cook books and kitchen items.

Mex Grocer - Everything you need for your mexican recipes can be found at MexGrocer. Spices, tortillas, chile peppers, and hot sauce are their main items. You will find a tortilla press, mortar & pestle, and many other items to make your mexican cooking a whole lot easier. Along with Ethnic Grocer (see above), one of the most complete sources of spice and seasonings on the Internet.

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