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low-fat, healthy heart, low fat mexican food recipes

Mediterranean Diet Cookbooks

Mediterranean cooking is heart healthy - meals consist mainly of
  • Breads, pasta, & rice

  • Fruits, vegetables, & legumes

  • Moderate amounts of olive oil

  • Limited portions of red meat

  • Small amount of red wine


Eating a healthy Mediterranean diet may require a change of habits, but most foods are easy to prepare and are probably already in your current diet.

Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

Nancy Jenkins

Imagine living in Tuscany - experiencing the sun, vibrant culture, and heavenly food firsthand. 

That's exactly what Nancy Jenkins did for over 20 years ... learning traditional and new Mediterranean recipes from the people who been created and perfected these delicious and heart-healthy recipes for many generations.

While most people would be content just to learn a few simple Italian recipes, Jenkins was not so easily satisfied.  She traveled the entire Mediterranean region - living and working in Greece, Spain, France, and Morocco. 

Studying and collecting the best recipes from the diverse Mediterranean peoples brings a special one-of-a-kind flavor to this cookbook.  Picture fresh vegetables and glistening olive oil combined with aromatic herbs and spices ... you can even smell the freshly baked bread in the oven.

This is not a boring cookbook.  While there are certainly some tried and true pasta and vegetable favorites, Jenkins serves up lots of variety with over 200 recipes.  These meals don't necessarily come to mind when you think "Mediterranean recipes":

  • Lahm ajun (Armenian pizza)
  • Garlic Roasted Chicken
  • Fattoush (Lebanese salad)
  • Catalan clam soup with navy beans

The subtitle, "A Delicious Alternative for Lifelong Health", accurately describes the added bonus of this book.  Jenkins explains why and how eating more fruits & vegetables and using olive oil instead of butter is infinitely more healthy.

In addition to great recipes, you get practical advice on how to enjoy the Mediterranean diet at home and there is an appendix dedicated to cooking methods and ingredients.

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