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Low Fat or Low Carb?

Lots of controversy on this one ... 
  • South Beach Diet
  • Atkins Diet
  • Low Glycemic Index Diet

Here's some articles to help you decide the best way for YOU to lose weight.


Low Fat vs Low Carb Diets

by Andreea Dinescu
Diets, diets, diets ... every where you go, anything you read you can’t miss them, they are almost everywhere. And if you have weight problems you are really annoyed by the huge number of ads or commercials promoting one or another type of diet.

That’s why we asked on your behalf and we went to the best specialist to find the answer for the most charged topic: low fat versus low carb diets. First of all let me tell you about how this study was made, in order to understand its accuracy.

It went over a period of 10 years, involving 2700 of people that were on one of those diets. Some of the most important universities involved in this study: University of Colorado in Denver, the University of Pittsburgh, and Brown University in Providence, R.I.

Their purpose was to collect data from people who have lost at least 30 pounds and more than that, they were able to maintain their weight for at least a year.

Most of the subjects were women with an average age of 47. But the results of the studies show that there was no difference between the diet--low-fat and the diet low-carb in what regards the way that people initially lost weight.

Even though the percent of those who were on a low-carb diet increased, the results proved that after a while most of them regained weight.

Even if they ate less carbohydrate and the amount of protein was the same this didn’t change the situation.

The ones that conducted the study reported that only a small number of successful weight losers are on a low-carbohydrate diet.

One of the disadvantages in the race low fat versus low carb diets is that the blood lipid levels can get worse.

In what regards a long period other studies have proved that low-carb diets have as a result higher levels of healthy HDL cholesterol than the low-fat diets, which in the most cases reduce the HDL levels.

The competition it is very strong, but somebody has to win it. The low fat versus low carb diets contest has to have only one winner and you are the one that will decide!

If you find this information useful you should visit the site where you will find lots of interesting articles related to this topic, all original and written by Andreea Dinescu.

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