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The Whole Enchilada, Issue #010 -- Arroz con Leche & Authentic Mexican Chorizo
January 27, 2005

The Whole Enchilada, Issue #010

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The Whole Enchilada

Issue # 010, January 27, 2005
Arroz con Leche & Authentic Mexican Chorizo
What's cooking this month ...

Authentic Mexican Chorizo    Spicy, tasty, and greasy - that's the chorizo sausage I miss.  It might not be the healthiest for you, but ...
it sure tastes fantastic!

If you want some healthy recipes, don't worry - I have some of those too.  Try some low fat Mexican recipes.

I have included one recipe here. More on the Chorizo Recipes webpage.

Recipe of the Month

Thanks to all of you who have sent comments and requests ... you're keeping me busy and I'm glad to be of service. This month's recipes are all based on requests I've received since the last issue.
Arroz con Leche (Rice with Milk)
Cuban Rice Pudding

Monique P. wrote:

"I would like to get a recipe from you named arroz con leche, which is 'rice with milk' in Spanish."

I received the following request a couple of days later from Emily F. in Kentucky:

"Our staff at school is having a Mexican potluck lunch later this month. I have signed up to bring a dessert, and thought it might be nice to bring a Mexican dessert.

I need something that doesn't need to be served hot or ice cold ... Any suggestions for me?"

Great idea Monique, this is a quick and easy Mexican dessert that's also a pretty standard Cuban dessert. This recipe will help out Emily as well - Arroz con Leche can be served either warm or cold.


1/2 cup    white rice
1-1/2 cups   water
1          lemon rind
1          cinnamon stick
1 quart whole milk
1/4 tsp    salt
1 tsp   vanilla extract
1 cup   white cane sugar
3 Tbsp  raisins (optional)
                 cinnamon, ground


Add the rice, water, lemon rind, and cinnamon stick in a saucepan, bring to a boil and reduce heat. Cook until rice is tender. Remove the lemon rind and cinnamon stick and drain off any remaining water (Most of the water should have been absorbed into the rice).

Add milk, salt, vanilla extract, sugar, and optional raisins to rice and cook uncovered over low heat, stirring occasionally until thick, about one hour.

** Check out the revised page for more Mexican dessert recipes.

Authentic Mexican Chorizo Recipes

Chorizo is a chile (pepper) and garlic flavored sausage that originally arrived with the Spanish Conquistadors - but has evolved into a distinctly Mexican sausage during the last several hundred years.

Mexicans, South Texans (like me), & natives of Southwestern U.S. ...

  • Love our authentic Mexican chorizo.
  • Suffer withdrawal symptoms if we move to a place where we can't find it.

It's a part of our cuisine ... our culture ... our soul!

You don't have to take my word for it, read what Jerry S. from Canada wrote:

"First off, I love your ezine. As a child in LA we bought Chorizo in links. It was very greasy and spicy and Tacos simply had to contain it. It's impossible to find in Canada.

I would like a recipe for authentic Chorizo if you have it. Links or bulk. Thanks in advance. E-mailed your ezine to three more friends today."

For Jerry and everyone else suffering from authentic Mexican chorizo withdrawal ... Enjoy!

Chorizo Mexicano
Authentic Mexican Chorizo

Serves 8

Chorizo is great for breakfast or any other meal. Fry it up, scramble in some eggs ... and you have chorizo con huevos.

This is delicious by itself - but I usually eat mine wrapped up in a hot flour tortilla with some Cholula hot sauce.


   2    lb Pork; lean, coarse grind
 1/4    lb Pork fat, chopped fine
   2    Tbsp   Paprika
   2    Tbsp   Chili powder
   1    tsp   Pepper, black
 1/2    tsp   Cinnamon, ground
 1/2    tsp   Cloves, ground
 1/4    tsp   Coriander seeds, ground
 1/4    tsp   Ginger, grated
   1    tsp   Oregano, crushed
   1    tsp   Cumin, ground
   2    tsp   Salt
   6    cloves Garlic, pressed
 1/2    cup  Vinegar, white
 1/2    cup Sherry, dry (or substitute brandy)
   1      Sausage casing (optional)


Combine pork meat and fat thoroughly. Add paprika, chili powder, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, ginger, oregano, cumin, garlic, salt, vinegar and sherry (brandy). Using your hands, mix thoroughly.

Chorizo may be stored in a crock in cool place for twenty-four hours, or better, for 2 or 3 days. This will allow the spices to blend. Form into patties and sauté.

Alternatively the mixture may be forced into sausage casing and hung to dry in a cool place.

** See more authentic Mexican chorizo recipes on the Chorizo Recipes webpage.  Also some simpler recipes. 

Enjoy your recipes.

Alan Howard
Mexican & Barbecue Recipes

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